Saturday Poll Fever: What to use the herb shuffle for?

Saturday Poll Fever fill feature a weekly poll about gold making in World of Warcraft. There will be a new poll up every Saturday which is closing on Saturday the week after. That Saturday the results are shown and there will be a nice little conclusion to the Poll that's been up. After that a new poll is shown so you can vote again.

Last week's poll was about the best gold making profession for players in the current patch. It's not suprising to see jewelcrafting so high in the ranking with 50% of the votes because a lot of players are still shuffling their leftover gems for profit. Inscription is following right behind it which with Enchanting at it's tail. These 3 professions have always been popular and with 4.2 incoming next month(hopefully) I think we will see some movements in the top 3 professions because of the new raid gear, new craftables and the currently crashing herb market.

What is the best gold making profession at the moment?

This week's poll questions is about the currently crashing herb market due to the fact that there isn't a solid bottom price on the materials you get from milling the herbs. Thinking about we did with the ore shuffle the question is: What would you use the "herb shuffle" for if you would have to move a lot of stock for profit?

What to use the herb shuffle for?

If you have a nice idea for a poll you are just dying to find the answer for then can send it to poll[at] and I might just make it the poll of the week


  1. Altolycus said...:

    What is the dot to click for "all of the above"? =)

    For other, I will flip Blackfallow Inks for a gammut of other inks (depending what is moving quick, mostly for ethereal ink and snowfall and ink of the seas).

    For glyphs, I save a ton of time by just flipping my Blackfallows with the ink trader after I restock queue in TSM. Although I might lose a bit of gold this way, it saves something more precious, time...

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