Saturday Poll Fever: What is the best gold making profession at the moment?

From now on i'm going to try and give every day of the week a theme to streamline things a bit. I've done Item of the Week for a couple of weeks but that stopped because as you I've had my break.

Every Saturday from now on will be Saturday Poll Fever. I'll put a new poll up every Saturday which is closing on Saturday the week after. That Saturday the results are shown and I'll put a nice little conclusion to the Poll that's been up. After that a new poll is shown so you can vote again.

Because there is a lot of discussion about what professions make you gold the quickest I've come up with the question about what the best profession is to make gold in the World of Warcraft in terms of speed and ease. If you want to add some explanations to your choice you can leave a comment below or react to comments of others. Let the voting begin!

What is the best gold making profession at the moment?

If you have a nice idea for a poll you are just dying to find the answer for then can send it to poll[at] and I might just make it the poll of the week


  1. Nev said...:

    I'd be curious to see what sort of age ranges people are - the ones who read blogs anyway :)

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